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Tiny and Charming 40 Square Meter Apartment Interior

small apartment design

This soothing and relaxing apartment has only 40 square meters of living space but this is a well edited apartment with a clever layout which used to be a open space with a one multi-purpose room before the renovation. The designer used colors - lilac and soft turquoise - to perform zoning. The dining area is the brightest one with walls painted purple. The kitchen rug, some upholstery and a few accessories in the bedroom share this color. The smart zoning is maintained by a sliding partition that separates the dining room from the kitchen. The bedroom is separated from the living room by a similar partition.
The colors in the apartment blend together perfectly, the designer found rights shades of each colour.

Tiny and Charming 40 Square Meter Apartment Interior

Tiny and Charming 40 Square Meter Apartment Interior 2

Tiny and Charming 40 Square Meter Apartment Interior 3


Vintage Kitchen Newly Renovated

Scandinavian design

 Vintage kitchen design

 Vintage kitchen design 2

 Vintage kitchen newly renovated


Eclectic Style in Interior Design - Designer Angie Hranowsky

eclectic style

Eclectic Style in Interior Design - Designer Angie Hranowsky

Everything what we do, or what we have, or how we live or how we manage our life should have a reason. However, it is not necessarily that this everything should be appealing, great or liked by everyone around. People have their own tastes in doing or creating things, which may be attracted by one group of people while refused by the other. Style or design is one of those life spheres, where thoughts and tastes of the people may differ.

Eclectic Style in Interior Design 2
There is a movement in the field of art called Eclecticism. In spite of the fact that this art movement might not be recognized as a separate style in the world of design, for many people eclecticism is still perceived as a separate and distinct movement. The first person who has brought the term “eclectic” into the world is presumed to be Johan Joachim Winckelmann. This term was used for the work of Carracci, who created his painting combining classical tradition with the elements of Renaissance.

Eclectic Style in Interior Design 3

The philosophy behind the art movement, called eclectic style, is simple as this: to combine elements or particular styles from different time periods and different origins within a single project. However, it is not necessarily that mixing together that many features of such a variety of styles in some design work would look chaotic. On the contrary, eclectic style is rather harmony-like style, where different pieces of furniture, for example, have their unique places. Also, all the elements are in a thoughtful connection with the other parts of the style in the room.

Eclectic Style in Interior Design 4

Thus, making a definition for eclecticism we may say the following: eclectic style is a combination of styles in order to design an environment, which would have a great look, artistic taste, and a specific connective element, which would make the whole design look as one piece of work.

One might ponder how it is possible for such a completely different variety of things to be mixed together and still remain a one piece of the design style. Of course, a lot of efforts, thoughts, and creativity is necessary in order to make the project in eclectic style look great and at the same time logically interconnected. There is a couple of features, such as furniture, color, fabric and finish, which can make eclectic style as one amazing and completed piece of art. This art gave the world many examples of creating something extraordinary yet equally appealing to the eye of an artist and just to a passerby.

Eclectic Style in Interior Design 5

In every design work, pieces, features and constituent elements play a big role for the final result. The same is recognized in this extraordinary style. Every element in creating eclectic style is a part and connection to the whole big project. Taking interior d├ęcor as an example to illustrate the process of eclectic style creation, it is necessary to say that an artist first creates kind of a “skeleton”, which is then decorated and brought into one piece of work by means of color, fabrics and finishes. For the fabric, it is a big component to the design of eclectic style. The use of fabric creates an “eclectic look” to the whole piece of work. Color plays an important role in pulling things together in this creation. Even though the variety of colors can be used in eclectic style, it is still better to keep couple of neutral colors in order to avoid the chaotic look with the other features of the design.