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Wonderful White House in Gothenburg

...full of wonderful things for those who love shabby chic

Country Home Interior Design

May-Louise and Magnus Kruse purchased the property in 2000. The house is located in Bohuslan Archipelago near Gothenburg, Sweden. It was an old house built in 1892 and it was not more than 90 square meters and the family contacted the architect Alf Olsen thinking about developing. But the artchitect said it was better to demolish and build a new house. Alf Olsson, inspired by the old sketches of the island villas of the time, created a design in the late 1800's style.

The entire ground floor is one large room with a ceiling height of up to 7.5 meters. With the living room and dining room combined, the family set up a fireplace there to keep it warm in winter. The Interior style is eclectic: a bit rustic, a little modern, some antique and some industrial design in the finest detail. {skonahem.com, photo: Mari Eriksson}

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